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Hawaii has plenty of picturesque beach locations worthy of being immortalized in paintings. View some of Hawaii's premier artist Hawaiian Beach art.


Mark N. Brown's Hawaii Beach Art Collection

Hawaii has plenty of picturesque beach locations worthy of being immortalized in paintings. Mark N. Brown, Hawaii's premier Plein Air artist, has done just that. From the Queen's Beach to various Waikiki beach and surf paintings, Mark captures the beauty of Hawaii in his Hawaii Beach Artwork Collection. More...

Patrick Ching's Hawaii Beach Art Collection

Hawaii has plenty of picturesque beach locations worthy of being immortalized in paintings. Patrick Ching, Hawaii's premier nature artist, has done just that. From the Waimanao Beach to various Hawaii beaches and nature paintings, Patrick captures the beauty of Hawaii in his Hawaii Beach Artwork Collection More...

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  • Olapa Sandy's
    Ref. No.: 23843 ** Price: $5500 ** Size: 36" x 80" ** Inspiration: "Olapa Sandy's" was painted in 4 sessions on the mid zone of Sandy Beach where surfing is permitted. Usually in the break, only bodysurfing is allowed but either way, they both get my respect. Olapa is used in Hawaiian Hula, as "in the style of" and the parade of warriors of men/boys, women/girls that take on the shore break is awesome!
  • Dreams of Paradise - (A Honu Seal Sunset)
    Inspiration: There are places where Monk Seals and Sea Turtles come ashore and occasionally rest beside each other. Monk seals will snuggle up to anything as I learned the first time I slept on the beach outside my tent on Laysan Island in the Northwest Hawaiian chain. This painting was inspired by a photograph taken by George Balazs, Hawaiian sea turtle expert. The original photograph can be seen in the book I authored called The Hawaiian Monk Seal. It was a cloudy shot that I recomposed with a Honu I saw at Punalu'u Beach, Big Island, Hawaii. I painted the scene with a sunset setting. It was a great challenge to create the multi colored sunset reflections on the animals
  • Waimanalo, Hawaii - April 2015
    Ref. No.: 23836 ** Price: $1000 ** Size: 15" x 30" ** Inspiration: I painted "Waimanalo" when Martin Pahinui was being interviewed about 50 yards in front of me about 2 weeks ago. It was probably for his dad's (Gabby Pops Pahinui) celebration which is today, 4/25/2015. A celebration to honor Gabby at Waimanalo Beach Park with other entertainers. I sometimes sing a song that he liked to sing, "I'm living on easy, with a bottle of whiskey, I have no money to suit my honey." Ahhh the life of an artist!
  • Honu Beach
    Inspiration: A Honu or Green Sea Turtle hauls up to sun itself on a beach in tropical Hawaii. If they continue to have protection, these animals may be seen nesting in places that they have not nested in for hundreds of years.
  • Kailua Beach Canoe
    Ref. No.: 23492 ** Price: $3300 ** Size: 36" x 48" ** Inspiration: "Kailua Beach Canoe" was done out of sympathy for the small dwarfed canoe among the sleek giant racing canoes. What it lacked in size was made up with character as the rigging and it's hull told a nice story. Being close to Christmas, it reminded me of how Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer might have felt when he was not invited to play. More...
  • Sherwood's Waimanalo
    Inspiration: To get this view of Mount Olomana and Waimanalo one must be in the shallow, emerald colored waters near the Kaiona boat ramp. In the distance are the beach and ironwood trees of the area known as Sherwood Forest. The title of this painting is in reference somewhat because of the view looking toward Sherwood Forest, but more so because the painting was commissioned by a true friend of Hawaii's environment named Mike Sherwood.
  • Waikiki Surf Stand
    Ref. No.: 18334 ** ** Size: 36" x 60" ** Inspiration: As I set up my canvas to capture the water and Diamond Head in the background, the beach boys started to set up their rental stand and the painting took on another life. Of course the guys wanted to check out my work while I was painting and they wanted bigger arms in my rendering. More...
  • Rabbit Head
    Inspiration: On a calm Kona wind day the Island of Manana seems to float on the ocean just off Waimanalo Beach. Manana, which literally means “buoyant,” is the Hawaiian name of this island, which is also known as “Rabbit Island”. It was named so because rabbits once inhabited it and it also resembles a rabbit swimming with its head above water. Manana is the nesting ground for thousands of seabirds including wedge-tailed shearwaters and sooty terns shown gliding over the water.

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